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Type : Feature Film
Genre : Romantic Period Drama
Client : Cinema release and RTM & ASTRO
Length : 110 minutes
Format : High Definition (HD) film

The film Lembing Awang Pulang ke Dayang is based on a folk legend of Johor that happened in year 1773. The epic battle and authentic atmosphere of that era was recreated with the help of extensive computer graphic system. The whole film was shot using digital HD format.

This film brought together industry professionals from various expertise, both young and old, to collaborate in this movie that was screened in Nov 2009. Starring Farid Kamil, Siti Elizad, Datuk Mustapha Maarof, Hattan, Aziz M Osman & Uji Rashid.


The Ancient Seamasters

Genre : Historical documentary
Client : International Broadcasters
Length : 2 x 45 mins
Format : Full HD

This documentary is a visual presentation of the journey of the Malayo-Polynesian, a great seafaring people that have conquered the oceans long before Cheng Tze, Magellan and Cook. From Africa to Southeast Asia and then the Pacific Ocean and later to Madagascar, the Malayo-Polynesian driven by their addiction to explore or perhaps driven by nature itself, is undoubtedly were great shipbuilders and even greater navigator. With their strong and seaworthy vessels they have braved the perilous oceans, which ironically was also their guide.

The documentary traveled from England, where we meet Dr. Stephen Oppenheimer a renown geneticist and writer, to Hawaii, where we will hear from Nainoa Thompson, the last remnants of the Wayfinding navigator. Along the way we will discover Madagascar's 8000 year old links to the Malay Archipelago and we will learn from the Bajaus in Indoneasia and Semporna, Sabah, about their ancestral seafaring skills and courage.

This is the journey of the Malay seafarers, the ancient seamasters.



Project X-Wave

Type : Television Feature Program
Genre : Sci-fi thriller
Client : I.Quest Sdn Bhd for ntv7
Period : 1x telemovie + 8xepisode

The first sci-fi TV series in Malaysia revolves around five young scientists who seeks the secret of X-wave, which will enable limitless energy to be generated at cheap cost. Some of them have super-powers that are useful in defending against an evil group that's also after the energy.

Developed using significant CGI special effects, the X-Wave series impressed the panel of juries and won 4 Oscars at 2004 PPFM Oscar Awards including Jury's Award and Best 3D Animation.



Online With YG

Type : Online Streaming Program
Genre : Live Talkshow - lifestyle
Client : Cyberjaya TV
Period : Weekly program for 6 months slot

The first live online talkshow program in Malaysia was produced by us for the online TV station Cyberjaya TV. This program is rated highly among the website viewers. Hosted by YG with celebrity hosts and bizarre personalities graced the small screen to bring smiles to visitors from all over the world.

Hits Station

Type : Online Streaming Program
Genre : Music Video Program
Client : Cyberjaya TV
Period : Weekly program for 6 months slot

Hits Station features hits music video of both local and international artists. Presented with VJ, this program proves popular with viewership from Malaysia and overseas.





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